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Mobile Program

Preschool Level: $15.00 per child for a 45 minute class with a minimum of 4 children in the group.

Elementary Level: $20.00 per child for a 60 minute class with a minimum of 3 children in the group. Any additional children will be $15/student.

Enrichment Programs at Schools or Community Centers

$15.00 per child for a 45 minute class. $60.00 per month based on the number of classes and months taught, plus a one time registration and promotional item fee of $15.00. Tuition is averaged out over the year; depending on the school policies and calendar.

In Curriculum

At preschools/schools we charge $70.00 per hour of instruction once or twice a week. This class is usually divided into two 30 minutes classes.

Parents Classes/Homeschool/Tutoring

$60.00 per 1-hour class. Although usually individual, it can be a group session limited to 3 students. Any additional students will be an additional $15.00 fee per student. There are no up-front fees. We strictly work on an hourly basis.