Waiver and Release

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Our marketing team occasionally takes pictures and/or videos of the classes to promote and update Lingo Train’s webpage, brochures, and program if you DO NOT wish to have your child in a photo or video for our company, please let us know via email.

While receiving instruction from Lingo Train LLC I understand my child will remain under the care, direction, and supervision of the school, Therefore I voluntary give consent to Lingo Train LLC for my child to participate in the program. I also understand that Lingo Train LLC does not accept responsibility for injuries, damage or loss; regardless of severity, as a result of participating in any and all activities connected with or associated with any Lingo train LLC program. I hereby waive, relinquish, fully release and discharge, any claims for personal injuries, medical expenses, property damage, or losses sustained by my child arising out of or in any way associated with activities of any Lingo Train program.

Student Safety and Permission to Secure Treatment

Our Students’ safety is very important. We ask that parents, caretakers and children follow safety guidelines to ensure optimum protection. In the event of an emergency related to your care or your child’s care, Lingo Train will make all efforts to secure medical treatment from any licensed physician, hospital, and/or medical personnel. All families and students registering in any Lingo Train classes and/or programs authorizes such medical treatment and agree that they will be responsible for payment of all medical services required, NOT Lingo Train.